To break free a hidden wonder
by David B. King (2002)

said Who?
This is the story of a hidden wonder
A light in the dark so black you couldn’t see it
A hand in the mud so thick you couldn’t feel it
A voice in the water so deep you couldn’t hear it

said Where?
In the limitless freedom of the world
Beneath the light of sun moon and stars
Between the streets of dirt cement and ice
Before the grandest stage of living and life

said When?
Now never and forever I suppose
In the middle of the blackest of nights
When the mud reaches the depths of the feeling
When the waves come crashing in the relentless silence

said What?
Pain I would suppose a great pain
One that hears not the ocean nor its voice
One that sees not the hands that bring it to its place
One that feels not the mud nor the tears that fall against

A pain so great even I was so displaced
My life so hidden in the freedom of the world
My mind so lost between the streets of dirt cement
My heart so heavy from the stage of water and ice

So they say it will travel beyond my story
Like the wind across the waves of my voice
Like the washing of the mud from my hands and face
Like the glowing of my light in the blackest of the nights

said How?
By chance by choice by nothing right
With the weight of world and the freedom of life
With the strength of oceans in the strongest of lights
With the will of love laughter and relentless growing

said Why?
This is the question most difficult today
Why anything is the way it is? one might say
Why the lights of sun moon and stars never fade
Why the streets of dirt cement and ice never crowd
Why the grandest stage of life never draws its curtain 

Why we are the way we are
What we do beneath those stars
What we scream beneath those waves
What we feel in the mud with hands and face

I suppose What we are is human full of pain and plunder
Why? to break free a hidden wonder