Heaven is a Place on Earth
by David B. King (1999)

In the darkest of all hours, walk they do amongst the stars
Holding hands in all their searching, looking for their own New Mars
Stumble they do over the roar of the city, blinded by the lights of cars
And Earth men laugh as they walk about, whistling tunes from towns of Mars
"Oooh, baby do you know what thatís worth!?!"

Down Sunset Boulevard and back again, smile they do at dogs and cats and bars
Looking about as if they lost their eyes, like some kind of Martian superstars
Caught they are in their own nudity, then remembering they're already bizarre
And strut they do upon banana peels of cement, falling on their Martian arses 
Singing, "Oooh, heaven is a place on Earth!!!"

Kilts and bagpipes excite them, beer and wine take them quite far
Looking to their home of clouds, wondering where in the hell they are
Fall they do into the sewers of human culture, laughing at Ninja Turtles and TV stars
And Earth men help in good spirit of the universe, singing the tune from Mars 
"Oooh, heaven is a place on Earth!!!"
Into the light the Martians march, glowing from the world they ripped apart
Now grasping the slippery cement with their toes, they become true Martian superstars
Carry the song into the streets they do, to the roofs of houses and casinos and cars
And opening the gates of heaven, men and women and children come from afar
They come, singing, "Oooh, heaven is a place on Earth!!!"

Through the air the Martian tune does travel, while waves grow and mountains part
Tearing down the walls of church and state and home, smoking lies like Cuban cigars
Touch the hearts of all they do, and the music makes them play their funny guitars
And in the streets the crowds grow large, surrounding the Martian superstars
Together they sing, "Oooh, heaven is a place on Earth!!!"

In the brightest of all hours, dance and sing they do beneath the stars
The Earth men dance as well, freeing their spirits, two feet after one like they do on Mars
Clean the sewers of human culture they do, killing the Ninja Turtles and TV stars
And the roar of the city ends, and heard clearly now the words brought by the Martian superstars
"Oooh, heaven is a place on Earth!!!"

With hold of the magic carried by the strangers, the people enter the gates of New Mars
Dancing they forget of church and state and home, and of their liquor waiting in the bars
Caught they are in the freedom of their spirits, from man to dog to cat they are
And so the song continues being sung, led by the same Martian superstars
Loudly, "Oooh, heaven is a place on Earth!!!"

Beyond all past and present and future, the world steals the Martian song from Mars
Holding hands with their neighbours from the sky, the car headlights dim to golden stars
Free they are from roaring cities, and churches and sewers and casinos and drunken bars
For it took two Martians to teach them the words, two Martian superstars
"Oooh, heaven is a place on Earth!!!"