Dreams of Brilliant Sand
by David B. King (1999)

Once upon a time was how the story began
In the desert where the death of water was out of hand
Where the lightning struck to burn the dryness of the sand
And where the burning flames of bush brought the silent man

He came with a thousand dreams of brilliant land
Of hope and courage and strength not seen on burning sand
And in the dryness he told his tale of the death of fellow man
Of the human drought in love and peace and shaking hand

"Once upon a time is how my story begins," began the silent man
"Once upon a time is when the green grew over all things grand"
"When mountains had heart and seas departed into rivers ran"
"And when all people - all child and elder - said the words I can"

"And they could," continued the silent burning man
"They could read and write and speak and even afford to plan"
"Could reason and consider and debate over what had been planned"
"And even soar above the clouds in giant winged metal can"

"But then something bad happened," cried the burning man
"The people - child and elder alike - turned to a monstrous clan"
"They turned off their electric bicycle and wouldn't wash their hand"
"Wouldn't wash it of all the dirt and mud and blood and sand"

"They cried to the night," bellowed the burning fading man
"They cried to the heavens and some to hell and all without a plan"
"And when no answer was brought to the green and rivers ran"
"They began to die of war and strife and ever-growing ever-drying sand"

"A beast, a monstrous beast," sobbed the fiery fading man
"Snatched the heart of all that thrived across the grazing land"
"All that knew of courage and strength and love and music band"
"All that knew the sky above the cloud and wrinkle in the hand"

"They left with cries of terror," whispered the fire of fading man
"They left in tears which fell on burning bush and drying sand"
"On silence of the wind and weakening tunes of the music band"
"The death they died bled over and under all this once green land"

"Oh, the horrific death," died the voice of the silent man
And in the desert the ash of life blew across the drying sand
Across the empty mountain and fiery flames where river ran
Where the heart of the world and the life - and the man - once began