Make It What You Will
by David B. King (2013)

Time slows; hearts beat; time speeds up again.
Like waves grasping at the shore, you wrestle with all the moments and the chances; 
all the opportunities for adventure and heartache. 

And in the end, there you are. 
That’s you, in the mirror. That reflection – that quantum conspiracy of light – it’s you. 

So make it what you will. Bend the conspiracy and affect the convergence – make it what you will! 
Make it what you know it is, when all the chips are down and there’s nothing left to lose. 
Make it what you once thought it was, or what you’ve always wanted it to be. 
Make it what you will, and revere it. Commit yourself to it. Love it. 

What’s staring back at you is all there really is.