Come hither stand before the show
by David B. King (1998)

In the shadows, there they go
Behind the walls their powers grow
With a force, their money's gained
To the others, their riches weighed

Down that street, they travel so
Taking all they'd ever know
Stopping only to say goodbye
Among this and that, lie after lie

Ending not now, however low Making sure to toast their show That which made them all the riches Has turned them into sons of bitches

In the shadows still, they go Death and he, they ought to know Though their gain lasts all a wonder Their hearts, they scream among the thunder

Crashes still, does that old foe And unknowing are we to all that go That in the darkest of these walls Lies darker truths, and to us they call

'Come hither, stand before the show Watch in wonder, as the shadows grow On the grandest stage, before the world Watching none, as they yield their sword'

And laugh they do, at all who slow While still their powers grow and grow Of all their madness, fear is the worst It's that, which does so harden their thirst

Yet in the dark, the walls now grow Between the world and the men who know Among the thunder, heard again, not low 'Come hither, stand before the show'