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General Interests: ecology, environmentalism & conservation, astronomy, psychology, holistic health, religious studies, philosophy, creative writing, science fiction

I first started writing when I was 13. What I described then as "writings" resembled freestyle, stream-of-consciousness-like poems. Some rhymed, others just flowed, but they were always about big issues - the environment, space travel, that sort of thing. Throughout my life, I have been continuously (perhaps even exponentially) inspired by science fiction. Bradbury, Asimov, and Huxley were among my favourite wordsmiths, and over time, their imaginations became intimately tied with my own. Outside the genre, books like To Kill a Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby kept me grounded; helped maintain an eye for more earthly adventures and romances. As I grew older, my inner conflicts of adolescence led to writings and poetry of a slightly more mature variety, focused on subjects such as love, solitude, strength, and wisdom. Short stories also abounded, and I attempted my first book at 16; my second and third at 18 and 19. All were short-lived, none completed, but I knew I had it in me. Mere practice, I told myself.

A few years ago, I started my first blog, David Bothered. Focusing on big issues and worldly topics, the blog was a natural evolution of the writings of my youth. Poetry comes a little less easily to me now than when I was younger, but I am currently writing a novel, and I am dedicated to seeing this one through. On the academic side of things, my career in psychology has led to a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals. Although creative expression may be limited in such channels, these authorships have nonetheless contributed to a refinement and sophistication in my writing. All things considered, I have finally come to the understanding - the deeply held conviction - that who and what I am is a writer.

A creative contemplation.

Select Poetry & Creative Writing

Make It What You Will (2013)

Get Up (2012)

this moment passes... (2008)

bone and bodied beasts in new day’s fortune (2004)

the beast the master the clown and the lover (2003)

To break free a hidden wonder (2002)

Hope (Perhaps) (2001)

Heaven is a Place on Earth (1999)

Dreams of Brilliant Sand (1999)

A Journey Like No Other (1999)

Come hither, stand before the show (1998)

ABSOLUTE THRESHOLD. I am (slowly) writing a novel. Here is an excerpt...

The darkness is what you make it.

Universes themselves are limited in time and space, finitely restricted by quantum laws and other haphazard equations invented by local mathematics and physics, laws that know no boundaries of human consciousness. But they reside within it nonetheless, nestled closely next to the beginning, the middle, and the end.

Dex knew not of his end, nor his middle for that matter. Perhaps his beginning was equally elusive, a fabrication of human linearity. A fabrication of consciousness.

In all universes, time must be the only constant, he thought. Besides space. There’s always too much space.

He stared out into the darkness, absorbing the words of his wise mentor. The darkness stared back at him blindly and without cause or intention, but nevertheless in a manner that spoke all too clearly of fate. The darkness is what you make it, and within this darkness he could feel his life unfolding, ripples and waves of events washing over him in one gigantic surge. It was almost here – hands stretched outward, palms open, fears to the starlit wayside. But whether it was his beginning, his middle, or his end, he could not be certain.

It’s all what you make it, he thought. It’s already made.

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In Press

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